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August 25, 2013

At a really cheap rate of $46 I got a direct flight, 1300 km long, from Thailand to Malaysia. Yup that's right, I'm in Malaysia. This is, unfortunately, the LAST stop on my summer journey. Luckily, I am ending my travels on a positive note. Malaysia was a big, beautiful and surprisingly modern place. I stayed in Kuala Lampur and this is what I mean by surprisingly modern:


Isn't it gorgeous? I thought so. This city is the 6th most visited city per year in the world. In this city there was so much to see, so I decided to take a day tour which consisted of seeing old vs urban Malaysia. My mom and I got to see the King's Palace, the Independence square and the Petronas Twin Towers (largest twin towers in the world.


It looked like they were falling! Retail is pretty popular there, so needless to say, I definitely got some retail therapy (much need after the long flight hahaha).


The beautiful view of the towers from my hotel! Plus a pic of the inside of my hotel.

Plus you already know I ate some good, good food. One of my favourite parts of travelling if you didn't already figure it out LOL.


This Malaysian dish consists of a flaky bread and some curry, and it was soooo good.


This bowl is called Curry Laska, which is a creamy curry with coconut milk and other deliciousness topped with shrimp! (is your mouth watering yet??)

If you're a food lover than you should probably know that there is food sold on "street stalls" which is street food, equivalent to a food cart downtown Toronto. On the street stalls you can find all sorts of goodness. From left to right below there is Kway Teow (kind of like pad thai noodles) and Cendol (which is coconut, shaved ice, rice flour jelly with chocolate sauce - perfect for a hot night)


Unfortunately I have to hop on a longgggg flight home now, hopefully I'll have a nice rest in a food coma for the majority of the flight. I'll be sure to post when I get home. Talk to ya soon!

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